Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Thing I'm Not a Nail Biter...

12/18/13 Edited to add: This post is over a year old now. I no longer update this blog, but I do read blogs that I follow. Thank you all so much for your well wishes, his surgery and recovery went very well. :) We were married 12/12/12 and just celebrated our first anniversary. :)
...or my nails would all be gone by morning! My Love and fiancé, Tim, is having pretty major abdominal surgery tomorrow, eek! As positive as I've been trying to stay, as the night progresses, I'm becoming more and more of a nervous wreck! Please keep him in your thoughts and if you wouldn't mind sending up a prayer, good juju, positive vibes, etc...whatever you believe in...it would be SO very appreciated. I've "met" some really amazing ladies through this crazy obsession with all things nail polish, and I'm truly so yvery tthankful for all the love and support I've been shown in this community. So, thank you! :) <3

Now, to try not to pull out all my hair.... Deep breaths.... I love you always and forever, Timmy!❤

Friday, September 28, 2012

One more pic!

Ok, so since I had on a Tiffany-esque nail polish color when I got my engagement ring, I just had to add this adorable little white bow! I used the new Revlon nail art stencils, they rock! They're little pieces of tape with different designs cut out, you place it on your nail over dry polish, paint over it with a different color, peel it off and you've got a perfect design! Much easier than stamping, which I can't seem to master! They come 10 in a pack and so far I've seen these bows, cascading hearts (which I may go back for), stars (which I also got), poorly executed cherry blossoms (which I would have been all over if they looked better. I love cherry blossoms, they're even in my tattoo!) and spiders and skulls for Halloween.

Some news to share!

Hi friends,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've become addicted to Instagram and have just been posting all my nail stuff there. Instant gratification, I guess! Haha. :) I've also seemed to have some writer's block as well.

I did want to take a minute to post today though, because something pretty exciting happened last night. My wonderful, sweet, amazing Love, Tim and I got engaged! :) We've been talking about getting married (and have been unofficially calling each other "my fiancé(e)") for a while now, and had already decided we will be married on 12/12/12! A couple weeks ago, we looked at rings together so he could get a solid idea in mind. Last night, he re-created our first date from 3 years ago and asked me to marry him on the beach, with my beautiful dream ring! I am so incredibly lucky and happy! He is my best friend and soulmate and I feel so very blessed. <3

Some ring pics below. (sadly my iPhone pics do it no justice!) I was/am wearing Cult Nails - Manipulative...gives it a bit of a Tiffany's vibe with that color and a diamond ring, huh? Haha! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teal Lovers Unite!

Squee! I'm so excited! My bottle of beautiful teal glittery goodness arrived today, just three days after ordering it! (Wish I could say the same of my Llarowe order, which two weeks later still hasn't even been shipped yet, Grrrrr!) I tore that package open so fast and oooh'd and ahhh'd over the polish inside!

Behold the beauty that is Happy Hands - For British Eyes Only. Teal jelly packed with different sizes of round and hex teal glitter and.... wait for it.... TEAL HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER! Yesssss! Be still my teal-loving heart! Thank you sooo much, Kristi, my fellow Florida girl and teal enthusiast! If I could design my own polish, this would probably be it!

Pictures are two coats of FBEO (the first coat I painted on like any other polish and the second coat I kind of dabbled on for more coverage) over DIY peel-off base coat (Elmer's Glue), topped with a coat of Seche Vite, then two coats of Gelous, and finished off with one more coat of SV for maximum glossiness and sparkle. I'm in LOVE!

Check out Happy Hands at her blog and her Etsy shop! She makes gorgeous polishes!

Edited to add: I just read on Pointless Cafe that September is Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Awareness Month and the color is - you guessed it - teal! Some bloggers have joined up and are doing teal manis for the cause. I just so happen to have done my nails teal last night, and I have quite a few teal polishes (with one more on the way - Pretty and Polished Rat-a-Tat) so I went ahead and added this post to the list of links! :) If I get the code and figure out how, I'll add the Inlinkz thingie!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Ulta Goodies

I had a craving for an Ulta shopping spree the other day, but since that is out of the question financially, I had some cheap fun! :) I found some of Essence's new Color and Go pretties for $2 and picked up two of them. Chic Reloaded - a great multi-chrome that reminds me of an oil slick, and Date in the Moonlight - a dark navy blue with brighter blue super fine microglitter or shimmer. I was about to head to the checkout with those when I spotted the Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers display! I've only gotten into my polish obsession since the end of last year, so this is my first time experiencing these awesome Halloween polishes. I love the adorable tombstone bottles! I grabbed Go With the Glow - an ever so slightly greenish tinted glow in the dark (GLOW in the dark!!! I am SO excited!! And for $2, whaaaat!!) polish which I plan to use as a topcoat over orange (it dried pretty clear on my swatch wheel), and Once Upon a Time - a black jelly with two sizes of round red glitter, which is more Christmas to me than Halloween. In this display, they also had a dark purple with purple glitter that looked like a dupe of another Wet n' Wild I already have, and a black with either sparse silver or multi-colored microglitter, which I passed on as well because I already have Butter London's Black Knight.

Pics below - because I do 99.9% of anything Internet related on my iPhone instead of my laptop (out of sheer laziness, really), I use the Blogger app and it doesn't allow me to post a pic and then write under it, it just puts all the pics at the end of the post. Sooo, the first pic is two coats of Chic Reloaded topped with Seche Vite, then today I added some Ulta - Love Fern, the gorgeous teal glitter I got free (woop!) and absolutely adore (ignore my tip wear and just stare at that mesmerizing teal glitter). Last pic is the Fantasy Makers polish display.

Sorry for the rambling, scattered nature of this post. My writing skills are lacking this evening and Big Brother is on!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Storm, Storm Go Away!

Sunday in Florida and Hurricane Isaac threatens to visit. While many people are frantically putting up hurricane shutters and stocking up on canned foods, bottled water, and gas, me and mine are doing the usual - winging it and hoping for the best. Ha! I've been experiencing hurricane season in FL since the notorious Andrew in '92 took out most of the Miami area. I've never done much preparing and very thankfully no harm has ever come to myself, my loved ones, or our homes. I always get a bit nervous as it grows closer though, and this time I'm a bit anxious because it's my first time living in a free-standing house instead of a condo/apartment building. It feels like the latter have more protection, as you're enclosed in a big, sturdy building versus a house on its own, not nestled into anything. Buuuuut, as of the 2pm advisory, Isaac isn't picking up strength, so hopefully it won't be a threat! If it is, and we have to grab the dogs and our most beloved possessions and flee, well then perhaps it wasn't the best day to move all my polish from portable plastic shoe-box type containers into a chest of drawers located directly under a window! Oops. Not that I would try to grab all 135-ish bottles of my polish if we had to hurriedly seek shelter elsewhere. No, no, of course not! Wellllll, maybe just a few. I NEED my China Glaze Atlantis! And Cirque Epoch. And the..um...ok! Anyway! :)

Here are some pics for you of the new polish I got yesterday and of my stash organization today. I've also been obsessively listening to Fun.'s "Some Nights" today. That song has got me into music again when I was really tired of it all for a while! I read about the band and lead singer and I downloaded the whole album, love it! Now I need to check out their earlier stuff. My dogs are probably tired of me singing the same song over and over by now. :)

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest - second pic has a bit of Revlon Stunning on ring finger