Sunday, August 26, 2012

Storm, Storm Go Away!

Sunday in Florida and Hurricane Isaac threatens to visit. While many people are frantically putting up hurricane shutters and stocking up on canned foods, bottled water, and gas, me and mine are doing the usual - winging it and hoping for the best. Ha! I've been experiencing hurricane season in FL since the notorious Andrew in '92 took out most of the Miami area. I've never done much preparing and very thankfully no harm has ever come to myself, my loved ones, or our homes. I always get a bit nervous as it grows closer though, and this time I'm a bit anxious because it's my first time living in a free-standing house instead of a condo/apartment building. It feels like the latter have more protection, as you're enclosed in a big, sturdy building versus a house on its own, not nestled into anything. Buuuuut, as of the 2pm advisory, Isaac isn't picking up strength, so hopefully it won't be a threat! If it is, and we have to grab the dogs and our most beloved possessions and flee, well then perhaps it wasn't the best day to move all my polish from portable plastic shoe-box type containers into a chest of drawers located directly under a window! Oops. Not that I would try to grab all 135-ish bottles of my polish if we had to hurriedly seek shelter elsewhere. No, no, of course not! Wellllll, maybe just a few. I NEED my China Glaze Atlantis! And Cirque Epoch. And! Anyway! :)

Here are some pics for you of the new polish I got yesterday and of my stash organization today. I've also been obsessively listening to Fun.'s "Some Nights" today. That song has got me into music again when I was really tired of it all for a while! I read about the band and lead singer and I downloaded the whole album, love it! Now I need to check out their earlier stuff. My dogs are probably tired of me singing the same song over and over by now. :)

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest - second pic has a bit of Revlon Stunning on ring finger


  1. That OPI Germany collection has me drooling! Be safe in the storm!! We are thinking of you guys in Florida!

    1. Thank you! We've had a bit of excitement this evening, a tree split apart and fell onto our house, crushing in the aluminum roof on our patio and separating it from the roof on the house. The tree also broke our satellite dish, so we didn't get our Big Brother fix tonight, haha! It was so loud, scared the daylights out of us and the doggies! But we're all safe and we had a movie night! :) It was due either to a strong gust of wind or a bolt of lightening (the men in the house are divided as to what caused it and I don't really care as long as it gets fixed fast! Lol) Other than that, the weather man says it should pretty much miss FL, so we will hopefully just expect more rain and wind...and hopefully no more falling trees! Unless one wants to fall on my car so I can get a new one free...?? Lol. :)