Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Ulta Goodies

I had a craving for an Ulta shopping spree the other day, but since that is out of the question financially, I had some cheap fun! :) I found some of Essence's new Color and Go pretties for $2 and picked up two of them. Chic Reloaded - a great multi-chrome that reminds me of an oil slick, and Date in the Moonlight - a dark navy blue with brighter blue super fine microglitter or shimmer. I was about to head to the checkout with those when I spotted the Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers display! I've only gotten into my polish obsession since the end of last year, so this is my first time experiencing these awesome Halloween polishes. I love the adorable tombstone bottles! I grabbed Go With the Glow - an ever so slightly greenish tinted glow in the dark (GLOW in the dark!!! I am SO excited!! And for $2, whaaaat!!) polish which I plan to use as a topcoat over orange (it dried pretty clear on my swatch wheel), and Once Upon a Time - a black jelly with two sizes of round red glitter, which is more Christmas to me than Halloween. In this display, they also had a dark purple with purple glitter that looked like a dupe of another Wet n' Wild I already have, and a black with either sparse silver or multi-colored microglitter, which I passed on as well because I already have Butter London's Black Knight.

Pics below - because I do 99.9% of anything Internet related on my iPhone instead of my laptop (out of sheer laziness, really), I use the Blogger app and it doesn't allow me to post a pic and then write under it, it just puts all the pics at the end of the post. Sooo, the first pic is two coats of Chic Reloaded topped with Seche Vite, then today I added some Ulta - Love Fern, the gorgeous teal glitter I got free (woop!) and absolutely adore (ignore my tip wear and just stare at that mesmerizing teal glitter). Last pic is the Fantasy Makers polish display.

Sorry for the rambling, scattered nature of this post. My writing skills are lacking this evening and Big Brother is on!

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  1. I also had an Ulta urge the other day and since I had just done some mail orders the week before to get some new fall colors on ebay and amazon budgets were low. I went to Ulta and got a new ds opi, then 2 of the Ulta $2.00 specials. I saw the tombstones you posted on your insta gram and was going to grab the glow in the dark for my daughter till you posted on my comment it was a top coat, cause she has a top coat from her trip to Kennedy Space center. Love your finds, and that like me you are on a budget. Nice to share budget deals with another savvy shopper.